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How To Get A Custom Car Wraps With AxiomPrint

We call it car wraps, but technically, we mean vehicle wraps. Whether you have a van, bus, truck or sedan, we have the capability AND experience.

Are you a business that has tried OOH (out of home advertising) or is considering OOH advertising? 

If you’re looking for brand awareness, car wraps can be a cost-effective option.

Here are some stats to prove car wraps are effective and useful as marketing initiatives according to Nielsen’s 2019 OOH Study:

  • 64% of people over 16 years old surveyed noticed a wrapped vehicle ad in the PAST MONTH!
  • 27% of those surveyed noticed a billboard on the side of a vehicle (most likely a larger vehicle such as a truck or bus). 
  • 71% of those who noticed a wrapped vehicle advertisement, made more than $100K in income - this is something to think about depending on your target audience.

The easiest way to get tens of thousands of views regarding your brand is car wraps. 

When you think of Los Angeles County and how much time we spend on the road stuck in traffic, custom car wraps are a great way for your company to be noticed. While people are banging their head on the steering wheel in crawling traffic (or maybe that’s just us!), you can look to your left or right and notice a car wrapped gets your attention.

The material is typically vinyl decal, but we install it in a way that it looks flawless, as if someone painted your vehicle.

We can do partial or full car wrapping, it just depends on what you’re looking for! 

If you aren’t sure, call us and we can put you in touch with one of our subject matter experts aka our awesome account managers! Our professional experts will handle your car wrapping job to ensure your needs and timeline are met. 

Call us at 747-888-7777 or email us at 


Make a great first impression by ordering custom car wraps from our Los Angeles car wrapping company TODAY. 

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