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How To Get Wonderful Wedding Invitations with Axiom Print

Your wedding truly is a special day for all your family and friends bestowing their blessings upon so you can have a long and wonderful marriage...the way that happens is by making sure all those people are invited! If you are local to Los Angeles County, we highly recommend you visit us so you can see and feel the different types of materials and printing we do in-house for wedding invitations

For example, do you know if you want to print acrylic wedding invitations or letterpress wedding invitations

It’s okay if you don’t know the answer beforehand!

These are the types of wedding invitations we will show you in our office in Glendale, California.

Physically seeing and touching the sample wedding invitations is really important before ordering online. 

Wedding invitations are the official way you’re notifying all your amazing friends and family to attend your wedding, so you want to make them nice and a reflection of your overall wedding theme. You set the tone of your special day with this wedding invitation and you want them to be memorable so people remember to save the date.

For those of us who are married at Axiom Print, we still have our wedding invitations as a memory or keepsake. Many of your close friends and family will likely keep it for years as a reminder of your happy occasion/event. 

So, what is our invitation printing process at Axiom Print?

  1. We have an in-house wedding invitation card specialist in Los Angeles who will walk you through each step of the invitation creation and printing process. She will definitely take the stress off your shoulders! 
  2. We have a mega book of designs filled with wedding invitations we printed for other beautiful couples, like yourself, that you can check out for inspiration. From experience, we know it’s important for you to be able to feel and see the material versus trying to order online.
  3. We discuss any ideas you have or if you brought your own examples. 
  4. We do both acrylic wedding invitation printing and letterpress wedding invitation printing.
  5. We work with you on the colors, fonts, type of paper/material and if you want any special features:
  • Embossing such as spot UV or raised spot UV
  • Foil
  • Die Cut
  • Silk
  • Plastic
  • Magnet

Wedding planning is stressful with or without an event planner...where we can help you (stationary, invitation cards, etc.), we definitely will alleviate your stress.

We have printed many beautiful wedding invitations in-house and our team of designers love to work on’s such a happy occasion, we can’t help but smile with you!

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Make a great first impression by ordering custom wedding invitations from our Los Angeles wedding invitation printing company TODAY. 

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